Moon Diarys


This is my moon diary. Everyone in class had to create a moon diary to see how the moons changes everyday. I have noticed a pattern, the percentages always go up, and when it hits a full moon, the percentages go back down. You an also see that on the pictures of the moons. Everyday, there is more light side of the moon shown, and after a full moon, the light side gets less and less.

What have you noticed?


VSSEC Space Center

image image image image image


On Thursday we went on an excursion to a space Center. We did activities about Mars and learnt about static electricity. We did this really fun activity called Mission To Mars. Half of our grade went into the Mission Control room, and the other half went to Mars.

In the Mission Control Room, we had to make sure the people on Mars had enough, water, oxygen, food, ect. Also, the people on Mars got to do experiments and both groups on Mars and Earth, got to communicate with eachother. It was really fun! At one point the people on Mars had to evacuate because a meteor hit the rocket. In the Mission Control room, the communicators were telling everyone to get out of the rocket.

I learnt a lot on this excursion and I really enjoyed it! What was your favourite activity?

Solar System

image image image


In in class we have made a scaled model of the Solar System with 5V. One science group form my grade, went with another science group in 5V. My groups planet was Mars, and we had to research information for Mars. Every group did one planet together.

After all the planets were made, everyone went together and made a scaled Sun. We coloured in and stuck pieces of paper on it. At the end, we all went outside and placed the planets in the correct places in metres. But we only got to do two planets because the second planet went across the road.

I learnt a lot from this task, and I never new that the planets were so far away form eachother! What planet did you research?


In class we have focused on infographic and how they are set up. You need colour, analysis and data. This is my infographic below.



What did you do your infographic on?

Leadership part 2

Also, today a police officer called Shawn came in and told us more about leadership. He taught us a lot and gave us good examples about things that he has done wrong, and things he has done right.

Example 1: if you want to be a leader, you have to build up your confidence. Don’t be shy and always challenge yourself to new things.

Example 2: people look up to you if you are a leader. Set a good example to other people so that they do the right thing. Be a role model to everyone.

Example 3: if you want to be a leader, don’t go around telling people what to do by yelling at them. Simply remind people to do the right thing in a nice way.

Mrs Montgomery said that she likes to sit and listen to other people’s ideas. While Shawn said that when it was Black Saturday, he had an idea and told everyone some things to do. Also, they both talked about setting a good example to other people.

Do you want to be a leader?


Today Mrs Montogomery came in to talk about leadership to the Grade 5s. I learnt a lot and I really hope to be a leader next year. Though, you don’t need a badge to be a leader.

Honesty: I will always be honest next year if I make mistakes and do something wrong.

Listening: if I ever have important meetings with people, I will always listen and take notes to remember.

Stay strong: I will always be strong, and stick up for myself if I think that something is right, or wrong.

Sense of humour: it is good to have a laugh once in a while, but I will always laugh with people, not at them.

Trust: I will always trust everybody, and rely on them to get things done.

Teamwork: I will always share jobs, and work as a team. It is not good to do everything by yourself.

Focusing on important things: when I have meetings, I will always focus on the important facts, and write them down.

In the past years, I have been a Junior Enviromental Council, and I have been in the Junior School Council. I have a lot of experience with being a leader.

What did you learn today?



Rhyming Poems


I was inside a plane,
when I heard the rain.
It felt really bumpy,
so my food got all clumpy.
It felt weird in the air,
while I was sitting next to my friend Claire.
It took so long to land,
that I didn’t understand.
Finally we arrived,
I’m so glad that I survived!
It was really hot,
so I was sweating a lot.
I couldn’t wait to get to my hotel,
wait, is it a motel?
It’s time to relax,
and eat some yummy snacks!


What was your poem about?

Inter-school Sport

For inter-school sport I play rounders in Summer. I am in the rounders rockets team. There are only 2 Grade 5s in the Rockets which is Fiona and me.

This week the rockets had a bye. But Miss Tomat said that we had to do training instead. I was really excited! But I thought it was more like a boot camp! She pushed us to our limits and I think I did a really good job at everything! I had a try at pitching, and I really like it. We did lots of running, batting and fielding.


I’m excited for our next game! How was you game?


Shadows Part 2

Later, we went back outside and the sun had come back. The clouds had moved and our shadows had come back. This time, our shadows were next to us because of the position of the sun. I thought that they were going to be behind us, because the sun would be on the opposite side in the sky. Here is my photo.

My shadow afterwards.

My shadow afterwards.

Were you surprised about your shadow?


Today we were focusing on shadows. I have learnt a lot about it and I am excited to learn more! Shadows are made from the Sun’s light and objects. If the Sun is on one side of the sky, that means the shadow is on the other side of the object. Here is my first shadow in the morning.

My shadow in the morning.

My shadow in the morning.

In the afternoon, we tried again and our shadows were gone. That’s because the clouds were covering the sun. As I wrote before, shadows need sun light and objects to be made. Here is my shadow in the afternoon.

My shadow in the afternoon.

My shadow in the afternoon.

We also looked at different objects in the courtyard and their shadow. In the morning there was a shadow of the flagpole. In the afternoon, we looked again, and the shadow was gone because there was no sun.

What did you find interesting today?