What Went Well

This week I thought that making our blogs went really well. I have learnt a lot and it is really entertaining.


What went well for you?

4 thoughts on “What Went Well

  1. Dear Louise,
    Wha when well for me this week was bloging, also learning how to tie the reef knots, also doing the imove for our buddy’s.

    From Caity.

  2. Hi Louise!
    What went well this week for me was getting our blogs because I really enjoy blogging now.

    From Eloise

  3. Hi Louise,
    The thing that went well for me last week was… Blogging rotations, because I like learning new things and also I liked the game because we worked as a team.
    From Alexie

  4. Hey Louise !

    My favourite thing about this week was finding all my friends blog and makeing my own!! What about you ?

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