Lunar System

Lunar System

Lunar System

In class we are focussing on the Lunar System. The Lunar System is made up of the Sun, Moon and Earth. We had to choose one claim out of three claims, and I chose ‘ The Moon circles the Earth, while the Sun circles them both’ because I think that the Moon and the Sun has to meet eventually, so that makes night, and when they are seperate, that means that one side of the Earth has light, and the other side of the world is dark.

Above I took a picture of my work. It shows what I think that the Lunar System is. It shows how the Moon circles around the Earth, and the Sun circles around both of them. The Lunar system is a very interesting thing, and I can’t wait to find out if I’m wrong or right.

What claim did you take and why?

One thought on “Lunar System

  1. Hi Louise!
    That was a great post that you made.
    The claim that I took was claim two because I think that the moon circles the earth and the sun circles them both because I think that when their circling the sun and the moon will eventually meet and that is when you can see the moon because they have met in the middle.
    From Eloise.

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