Leadership part 2

Also, today a police officer called Shawn came in and told us more about leadership. He taught us a lot and gave us good examples about things that he has done wrong, and things he has done right.

Example 1: if you want to be a leader, you have to build up your confidence. Don’t be shy and always challenge yourself to new things.

Example 2: people look up to you if you are a leader. Set a good example to other people so that they do the right thing. Be a role model to everyone.

Example 3: if you want to be a leader, don’t go around telling people what to do by yelling at them. Simply remind people to do the right thing in a nice way.

Mrs Montgomery said that she likes to sit and listen to other people’s ideas. While Shawn said that when it was Black Saturday, he had an idea and told everyone some things to do. Also, they both talked about setting a good example to other people.

Do you want to be a leader?