Moon Diarys


This is my moon diary. Everyone in class had to create a moon diary to see how the moons changes everyday. I have noticed a pattern, the percentages always go up, and when it hits a full moon, the percentages go back down. You an also see that on the pictures of the moons. Everyday, there is more light side of the moon shown, and after a full moon, the light side gets less and less.

What have you noticed?


VSSEC Space Center

image image image image image


On Thursday we went on an excursion to a space Center. We did activities about Mars and learnt about static electricity. We did this really fun activity called Mission To Mars. Half of our grade went into the Mission Control room, and the other half went to Mars.

In the Mission Control Room, we had to make sure the people on Mars had enough, water, oxygen, food, ect. Also, the people on Mars got to do experiments and both groups on Mars and Earth, got to communicate with eachother. It was really fun! At one point the people on Mars had to evacuate because a meteor hit the rocket. In the Mission Control room, the communicators were telling everyone to get out of the rocket.

I learnt a lot on this excursion and I really enjoyed it! What was your favourite activity?

Solar System

image image image


In in class we have made a scaled model of the Solar System with 5V. One science group form my grade, went with another science group in 5V. My groups planet was Mars, and we had to research information for Mars. Every group did one planet together.

After all the planets were made, everyone went together and made a scaled Sun. We coloured in and stuck pieces of paper on it. At the end, we all went outside and placed the planets in the correct places in metres. But we only got to do two planets because the second planet went across the road.

I learnt a lot from this task, and I never new that the planets were so far away form eachother! What planet did you research?


In class we have focused on infographic and how they are set up. You need colour, analysis and data. This is my infographic below.



What did you do your infographic on?