How To Add Widgets

This is how to add widgets.


1. You start off in your blog on the home page. Press the key in the top left corner. Tap on your school blog, then tap dashboard.



2. You press appearance which is on the left. Then you tap widgets.


3. You can drag any widgets you want into the part on the right.


4. You can also delete widgets that are already there.



5. Add a title if you want to, and then press save.

What’s your favourite widget?

How To Write A Quality Post

This is how to write a quality post.

1. To write a quality post, you first need to think of a description of what you are going to talk about. Or you have to put some text in your post.

2. Then you need to add a picture or photo, to show what you have done if your post needs it.

3. The final step is to add a question at the end. This makes a conversation so a friend can comment on your post. Make sure you don’t add closed questions.

Dont forget to add a categorie, and tags at the end.

How do you write a quality post?