Moon Diarys


This is my moon diary. Everyone in class had to create a moon diary to see how the moons changes everyday. I have noticed a pattern, the percentages always go up, and when it hits a full moon, the percentages go back down. You an also see that on the pictures of the moons. Everyday, there is more light side of the moon shown, and after a full moon, the light side gets less and less.

What have you noticed?


Inter-school Sport

For inter-school sport I play rounders in Summer. I am in the rounders rockets team. There are only 2 Grade 5s in the Rockets which is Fiona and me.

This week the rockets had a bye. But Miss Tomat said that we had to do training instead. I was really excited! But I thought it was more like a boot camp! She pushed us to our limits and I think I did a really good job at everything! I had a try at pitching, and I really like it. We did lots of running, batting and fielding.


I’m excited for our next game! How was you game?


Shadows Part 2

Later, we went back outside and the sun had come back. The clouds had moved and our shadows had come back. This time, our shadows were next to us because of the position of the sun. I thought that they were going to be behind us, because the sun would be on the opposite side in the sky. Here is my photo.

My shadow afterwards.

My shadow afterwards.

Were you surprised about your shadow?


My transformation work

My transformation work

Click here to watch my video.

In class we have focused on transformation. I have learnt that flip means reflect, slide means translate and turn means rotate. We did a worksheet on transformation and we had to show different ways to translate, rotate and reflect.

We also made a video on what transformation  means. My video is above.

What is your favourite one, translate, reflect or rotate?


Cause And Effect


In class we are focusing on cause and effect. The cause is when something happens and the effect is the end result. For example, I haven’t washed the dishes for weeks, so I have a big load to wash.

We watched a video and made a table of all the causes and effects in the video.  This video was good because it made me think a lot about cause and effect.

What was one of your cause and effects?