This is a place where I will be showing how my CBL group has been working.


Week 1 Reflection

For the second half of the term our groups have to help the environment in any way. In my group I have Ella, Kyan, Marcus and Kevin. Our three sulutions are Clean Up Day, where we teach preps how to look after the environment, Sorting Packaging, where we have a bunch of tubs to sort out the types of packaging. Also Ban Smoking, where we want all the parents and teachers to stop smoking after they watch a video we made.

The one we chose was Clean Up Day, because we think the preps know nothing about the environment and we would like to teach them. Next week I hope my group achieves everything that we have to do, like fill in all the pages in our keynote.

I really enjoy this activity because we all have to work as a team and cooperate.


Week 2

This week has been a very good week! I am really happy because my group is going really well! Our keynote is finished and we have edited our Clean Up Club idea. Miss May has approved our idea and we are ready to start making speeches, videos and writing emails to teachers.

Every person in our group has a job to do so this task can be completed. Ella and I have to write a email to Mrs Montgomery. We have already started and it is going really well! Kevin is making the certificates and that is gong well too. Kyan is also writing an email to Mrs Shaw, so we can get permission from her. Marcus is practising what to say when he hands out the certificates at the end.

I think Miss May really likes our idea. Our group had to change the Clean Up Club from preps to Grade 1s. That’s because another group is doing something for the preps.

We are going  really well!


Week 3

This week we have completed a lot. Mrs Montgomery has approved our idea and we are really happy! Also, Mrs Shaw has approved our idea and she has told the grade 1 teachers about it. She thinks it will be great for the kids!

Our group has also made a video. This video was about being environmentally friendly and cleaning up rubbish. Each one of us is in the video so we are being fair. We will show the video to the grade 1s at lunch eating time on their specific day.



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