Lunar System

Lunar System

Lunar System

In class we are focussing on the Lunar System. The Lunar System is made up of the Sun, Moon and Earth. We had to choose one claim out of three claims, and I chose ‘ The Moon circles the Earth, while the Sun circles them both’ because I think that the Moon and the Sun has to meet eventually, so that makes night, and when they are seperate, that means that one side of the Earth has light, and the other side of the world is dark.

Above I took a picture of my work. It shows what I think that the Lunar System is. It shows how the Moon circles around the Earth, and the Sun circles around both of them. The Lunar system is a very interesting thing, and I can’t wait to find out if I’m wrong or right.

What claim did you take and why?

Haiku Poems

A haiku poem is a very common poem. You have to have 3 lines in a haiku poem. Also, on the first line, you have to have 5 syllables. On the second line, you have to have 7 syllables. Finally, on the last line, you have to have 5 syllables again. The words don’t have to rhyme if you don’t want them to. Haiku is a Japanese word.

Here are my poems.



All the flowers bloom

It’s time to get hay fever

Listen to the birds


Bush fires

Feel the fire burn

Smell the dirty air of smoke

 Breathe for all your life


Solar System

Planets everywhere

 Beautiful colours on them 

Stars light up our night



Listen to them roar

 Claws on all their mighty paws

The animal king


Best Friends

Keep all your secrets

Makes you happy, smile and laugh

My best friend for life


What did you learn today?




My transformation work

My transformation work

Click here to watch my video.

In class we have focused on transformation. I have learnt that flip means reflect, slide means translate and turn means rotate. We did a worksheet on transformation and we had to show different ways to translate, rotate and reflect.

We also made a video on what transformation  means. My video is above.

What is your favourite one, translate, reflect or rotate?


Cause And Effect


In class we are focusing on cause and effect. The cause is when something happens and the effect is the end result. For example, I haven’t washed the dishes for weeks, so I have a big load to wash.

We watched a video and made a table of all the causes and effects in the video.  This video was good because it made me think a lot about cause and effect.

What was one of your cause and effects?


Procedural Writing

This is my procedural text.

This is my procedural text.


In class we had to write our own procedural text. I did mine on how to write an information report. We had to include all the main things, like the goal, materials, and method. In the end of my procedure, I also added a glossary. I made the hard and the technical words in bold, so that the reader knows to look in the glossary.

It was a fun activity, and I really enjoyed it!

What did you choose to write your procedure?

School Sport

On Friday we had Sport. I play in the netball comets team. We played one of our rivals, DCE. It was a tough match but my team played really well! I play GA, so I shoot the goals with GS.

The end scores were 16 to 6 our way! I was very proud of my team!

What sport do you play?

Montmorency Leadership Day

We are all working as a team.

We are all working as a team.

We are having so much fun doing the activities.

We are having so much fun doing the activities.

On Wednesday the grade fives went to Montmorency Secondry College. They ran a lot of fun activities about leadership. My favourite activities were the Jewel Thief, because there was a lot of running and we ran through that activity, the Flying Blinds, because there was a lot of teamwork, and my team had great strategies. Also the MnM Race, because that was a lot of fun.

I really want to be a leader next year, and Montmorency taught me a lot, like cooperation, strategy, initiative, persistence and lots more! I had a fantastic day!

What was your highlight of the day and why?

Archie Fussilo Visit

This is the drawings that Archie taught us to draw.

I This is the drawings that Archie taught us to draw.

We are trying to copy his drawings.

This is Archie teaching us.

This is Archie teaching us.

On Thursday, the grade 5s had an incursion. Archie Fussillo came to visit and taught us how to draw awesome pictures and helped us to write a story. He was absolutely halarious!

The drawings he taught us to draw were characters. There was Blilly-Bob, a sports player. Tripod, a dog with three legs. Also Chook Woman, an ugly lady. He showed us some of his books and unfortunately he had to leave.

I thought that his visit was fantastic! What was your favorite part of his visit?

My New Blog


Welcome to my blog, I will post all different and creative posts on my blog. Come and see the work I have done so far in Grade 5, and feel free to comment!

Animals On The Loose!

1. My first animal would be a chicken, because chickens make eggs. It would be helpful to somehow have a supply of food, so you can make eggs.

2. My second animal would be a German Shepard, because they are very well trained. German shepards can protect you and they can even look after you.

3. My third animal would be a dolphin, because they are beautiful animals. I would just like to save them so I can look after a dolphin.

4. My fourth animal would be a sheep, because they have a lot of wool. The wool can keep you warm during the nights. Their wool can be very comfy.

5. My last animal would be a elephant, because they are brilliant creatures. Elephants can also transport you to different places. But is doesn’t matter if they are slow.

What would be your first animal you would take?