Montmorency Leadership Day

We are all working as a team.

We are all working as a team.

We are having so much fun doing the activities.

We are having so much fun doing the activities.

On Wednesday the grade fives went to Montmorency Secondry College. They ran a lot of fun activities about leadership. My favourite activities were the Jewel Thief, because there was a lot of running and we ran through that activity, the Flying Blinds, because there was a lot of teamwork, and my team had great strategies. Also the MnM Race, because that was a lot of fun.

I really want to be a leader next year, and Montmorency taught me a lot, like cooperation, strategy, initiative, persistence and lots more! I had a fantastic day!

What was your highlight of the day and why?

Animals On The Loose!

1. My first animal would be a chicken, because chickens make eggs. It would be helpful to somehow have a supply of food, so you can make eggs.

2. My second animal would be a German Shepard, because they are very well trained. German shepards can protect you and they can even look after you.

3. My third animal would be a dolphin, because they are beautiful animals. I would just like to save them so I can look after a dolphin.

4. My fourth animal would be a sheep, because they have a lot of wool. The wool can keep you warm during the nights. Their wool can be very comfy.

5. My last animal would be a elephant, because they are brilliant creatures. Elephants can also transport you to different places. But is doesn’t matter if they are slow.

What would be your first animal you would take?

How To Tie Your Shoelaces

imageIn class we are focusing on procedure text. Today we had to tie our shoelaces by following a description. Yesterday we learnt how to tie a reef knot by following pictures.

The task was to see what was easier, by using a description or a picture. I thought it was easier to use pictures because it helps me to see what to do.

What do you think is easier? A description or pictures?

How do you tie your shoelaces?