Rhyming Poems


I was inside a plane,
when I heard the rain.
It felt really bumpy,
so my food got all clumpy.
It felt weird in the air,
while I was sitting next to my friend Claire.
It took so long to land,
that I didn’t understand.
Finally we arrived,
I’m so glad that I survived!
It was really hot,
so I was sweating a lot.
I couldn’t wait to get to my hotel,
wait, is it a motel?
It’s time to relax,
and eat some yummy snacks!




What was your poem about?

Haiku Poems

A haiku poem is a very common poem. You have to have 3 lines in a haiku poem. Also, on the first line, you have to have 5 syllables. On the second line, you have to have 7 syllables. Finally, on the last line, you have to have 5 syllables again. The words don’t have to rhyme if you don’t want them to. Haiku is a Japanese word.

Here are my poems.



All the flowers bloom

It’s time to get hay fever

Listen to the birds


Bush fires

Feel the fire burn

Smell the dirty air of smoke

 Breathe for all your life


Solar System

Planets everywhere

 Beautiful colours on them 

Stars light up our night



Listen to them roar

 Claws on all their mighty paws

The animal king


Best Friends

Keep all your secrets

Makes you happy, smile and laugh

My best friend for life


What did you learn today?