Procedural Writing

This is my procedural text.

This is my procedural text.


In class we had to write our own procedural text. I did mine on how to write an information report. We had to include all the main things, like the goal, materials, and method. In the end of my procedure, I also added a glossary. I made the hard and the technical words in bold, so that the reader knows to look in the glossary.

It was a fun activity, and I really enjoyed it!

What did you choose to write your procedure?

How To Tie Your Shoelaces

imageIn class we are focusing on procedure text. Today we had to tie our shoelaces by following a description. Yesterday we learnt how to tie a reef knot by following pictures.

The task was to see what was easier, by using a description or a picture. I thought it was easier to use pictures because it helps me to see what to do.

What do you think is easier? A description or pictures?

How do you tie your shoelaces?